We could keep dreaming forever. Curried - Mango
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I keep recalling
how life used to be
Now and then I wonder:
have we changed?
With your hand in mine,
all the moments shine
Like the pictures in a storybook,
we will turn the pages,
sharing pieces of the memories
I care for you now,
as I did then,
at our Beginning...


Anthropomorphic tree

Anthropomorphism is the recognition of people-like characteristics in animals, plants or non-living things. This tree can be found in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. During the time of slavery in the South, slave ships were often unable to make it through the Outer Banks because of the treacherous landscapes. From the looks of this picture, it seems as if they may have lost some passengers along the way.

Loving the thread thing going on on her bike spokes!






This is the cutest thing ever. I love boys who does creative, romantic things for their girlfriend. The balloons are attached at the bottom to photos - memories. With a paragraph written at the back about the memory.

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